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Witch Dance by meowinthenight

Roman Goddess Vesta represents the sacred heart or hearth of the home, the central fire which supplies heat and on which food is cooked. Nourishment and warmth, home and the center are Hers.

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The Burning is the on our main page this month. We often forget about our heritage. We cannot forget it because if we do, there is a chance it will repeat itself. Witches are no different from anyone else. We are not evil. We are not devil worshipper. We are just plain, everyday people that want to get along, live in peace and worship the way we chose.

The High Priestess

How to use Crystal charms

Recognising your psychic potential

chronarchy:  A prayer by Rev. Michael J Dangler, an ADF Senior Priest and co-owner of The Magical Druid, a spiritual supply shop in Columbus, OH. May we fulfill the dreams of our Ancestors, and may they guide us when we take that final journey. What do you remember of your Ancestors?

Life Force

Earth Dragon by Ashenhrefn at EpilogueSidhe fire