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Faery Magick


The Fae can be found in Mushroom circles in Pine forests, in Hollows of Oak trees and amongst the Acorns, Pine cones and Autumn leaves. Milkweed pods are sure to lead you to the wee ones. Dew drops, primroses, running streams are regular homes for the Fae & Gnome. Here You will find photos of secret Faery homes which prove that Fae DO exist. as well as enchantments to summon Gnomes, Fae and Undines, and gain their favor. Tread lightly as you walk these pages, you NEVER know what you may find. Some of the info contained here will help in your search for the Fae, however you MUST believe Faery’s exist with your whole heart.

Types of Faeries

where to find them

what they do

Faeries, Elves

Forests, faery hill and rings, fields and wild places, flower gardens

Dance and play. Know the magickal secrets of herbs, stones, and animals. See the future.

Gnomes, Trolls, Dwarves

Caves and mines, under bridges, hollow hills

Know the location of precious gems and metals, and how to forge and form them.

Brownies, Kobolds

Homes and cottages

Help and protect the family. Do chores by night.

This chart is from Ancient Ways by Pauline Campanelli and is not a comprehensive listing.

The Creed of the Fae
by MorganLaFey
(Susan Morgan Bosler)

The Heart of a Fae beats within me.
The soul of wonder resides inside.
I am filled with the magic that is God becoming
I am enchanted and enchanting.
I understand that I walk one and one with all others.
I understand that at times I must walk alone.
I touch the sky that is above me
and push the clouds from here to there.
Into the waters I plunge my finger
stirring it to make the waves.
I touch the ground and new life springs forth.
I kiss another to set the world on fire.
I have the heart of a fae,
though I am not sure it was always so.
I have the immortal soul of a child
that understands all things
and has so much more to learn.

Fairy rings can be anightmare for landscapers, if they’re trying to achieve a perfect lawn.

Fairy rings (or faerie rings) are circles of mushrooms and/or flowers, that — in faerie lore — indicate a portal or passageway between our world and the faerie realms.

Generally, if you cut down or dig up the ring, it’ll simply return… over and over again.  The faeries are persistent.  After all, it’s theirpassageway, no matter where it manifests in our world.

However, some landscapers and homeowners are horrified by their “fairy rings.”  Those humans try to banish the rings completely.

I think it’s a very bad idea to oppose the faeries.