Correspondences- Oils


Allspice – Strengthens will & determination in gaining your objectives


Almond – Anoint to the forehead to increase alertness & wisdom


Amber – Protects from ill will & bad luck


Apple – Cheers you up

Balsam Fir-Breaks up negative conditions


Basil – Helps with concentration. Promotes peace and happiness. Worn to avoid major confrontations between people

Bay – When worn it protects against all negative energy forms. Increases psychic awareness
Bayberry – Anoint wrists to bring money & blessings to the home


Benzoin – Promotes energy


Bergamot – Promotes a restful sleep Brings success & money.

Bergamot mint – Increases energy

Black Pepper- Increases alertness & courage


Broom – Promotes tranquility


Camphor – Increases energy and Harmony


Caraway – Increases energy


Cardamom – Promotes feelings of love and desire for sex


Carnation- Helps increase physical strength when worn, Protection, blessing, strengthens, increases energy, stimulates

Catnip – – Calms you down

Cedarwood- Attracts power, pride, beauty, strength, & prosperity, Increases spirituality, Money, Healing, Protection, Purification, Calming, Comforting, Strengthening

Celery – Promotes a restful sleep


Chamomile – Used to promote sleep, relaxation and meditation, tranquility, Attracts good luck &



Cinnamon – Good uncrossing oil, love, & lust, Increases energy and awareness, Orange Success, love, lust are enhanced, Protection, Love, Power, Stimulates creativity, Anti-depressant


Citronella – Purification, Optimism, Insect Repellent, Attracts friends & lovers


Citrus – Heightens psychic abilities & power


Clary Sage – Creates an euphoric feeling


Clove – Promotes healing, and positivity, can be used to drive away harmful forces, money attraction

Coffee – Enhances the conscious mind
Coconut – Love, Courage, Protection, Inner Peace

Coriander – love spells & sachets, health, improves memory

Cypress – Promotes healing, eases the mind in time of crisis, health, also good for consecrations & protection, Comfort, Longevity, Protection, Mental Powers
Daffodil – Increases feelings of love
Deer tongue – Sexually arousing
Dill – Sharpens the conscious mind
Egyptian Musk – Great love & lust oil, builds confidence & strength


Eucalyptus – – Promotes healing, Healing, Protection, Exorcism Stimulant, Mental Focus Insect Repellent

Fennel – Aids in communication, wear to keep away evil, Promotes longevity
Frankincense – Protection, Exorcism, Purifies, Uplifts, Strengthens, Dignifies promotes receptivity and Spiritually, Aids meditation, Increases spirituality, Excellent anointing oil for all your ritual tools

Freesia – New Beginnings, New Awareness, Opening & Stimulating of the Heart Chakra


Gardenia – Very protective, peace & harmony, alleviates stress, Promotes feelings of peace and love, Spirituality, Stimulates Heart Chakra

Garlic – Promotes health, purifies the body

Geranium – Love, Fertility, Protection, Calming, Balancing, Anti-Depressant, PMS , Breaks hexes, good for blessing new altars, homes or businesses, happiness
Ginger – Prosperity, Love, Aphrodisiac, Power, Healing, Strengthens, Warms the spirit, Increases energy, Money

Grapefruit – Protection, Healing, Anti-Depressant, Energizing, Strengthens Spirit, Raises Self Esteem

Heather – Good luck, prophetic dreams


Heliotrope – Powerful wealth attraction oil, Exorcism, Prosperity, Invisibility Soothes nerves, calms, Controls Anxiety

High John the Conqueror – Prosperity, Love, Protection ,Repels negativity, negative intentions and adverse conditions

Honeysuckle – Prosperity, Protection, Relaxing, Soothing, Uplifting, Psychic Powers , wear to attract the opposite sex to you, Helps weight loss

Hops – Promotes sleep
Hyacinth – Helps to overcome grief
Hyssop . Purifies the body
Iris – Increases feelings of love
Jasmine – Relaxing and soothing properties. Sometimes used as an aphrodisiac. , All purpose attraction oil, love, sex, lust, Love, Money, Dreams, Aphrodisiac, Anti-depressant, Spiritual Love, Raises Vibrations


Juniper – Promotes healing


Lavender – is a great stress reliever, promoting peace and tranquility, well-being, Love, Inner Peace, Purification, Protection, Calming, Balancing, Strengthening, Health


Lemon – Promotes good health, energy, healing, & longevity, Purification, Love, Friendship, Clarity, Calming, Mental Powers Cleansing, Healing,


Lemon Grass – Psychic Powers, Passion, Invigorating, Refreshing, Relaxing, Calming, Purifies the body, Good Luck

Lemon verbena – Increases feelings of love

Lilac – Exorcism, Protection, Peace, Harmony, Mind clearing, Memory & Concentration, Attracts positive spirits, love spells, protection, Increases feelings of love.

Lily of the Valley- Brings inner peace, calmness, & comfort, Improves memory
Lily – Promotes inner peace
Lime -Friendship, Strength, Stimulates, Strengthens, Increases personal energy
Lotus- Increases personal vibration for high spiritual work


Magnolia – Promotes feelings of love, Love, Fidelity, Fertility, Prosperity , Purity, Clear thinking, Power , Increases psychic power & heightens psychic abilities, brings peace & harmony

Mandarin – Happiness, Joy, Aphrodisiac, Calming, Relaxing

Marjoram – Promotes sleep, Relieves depression, and brings happiness into the home

Mimosa – Protection, Purification, Dreams, Love, Soothes worries, Lifts Spirits , promotes psychic dreams
Musk – Enhanced power, Aphrodisiac, Attraction, Strengthens focus , Builds confidence & strength for any situation


Myrrh – Promotes healing

Myrrh – Use with Frankincense oil for strong protection, Protection, Purification, Exorcism, Spirituality, Balances, Stimulates Crown Chakra

Narcissus-Anoint the body to bring calm, peace, & harmony- also good when worn for gambling luck, Enhances feelings of love


Nutmeg -Breaks evil hexes, brings good luck to all users, Increases energy


Orange – Love, Prosperity, Divination, Luck, Relaxing, Balancing, Stimulating, Sensual, Wear to attract proposals from loved ones, Increases joy and energy


Orris – Attracts the opposite sex, money, & protection from evil spirits, Love, Protection, Divination, Communication with higher beings

Palmarosa – Helps one to meet the challenges presented to you throughout the day


Parsley – Protection


Patchouli – Prosperity, Passion, Aphrodisiac, Used in reversal spells, money, & love spells


Pettigrain -Very protective


Pennyroyal -Protection, peace, keeps up energy & stamina


Peppermint – sharpens the conscious mind, Purification, Healing, Mental Clarity, brings positive movement in your live

Pine – . Promotes healing, Prosperity, Fertility, Strengthening & protection, use in a bath to wash away all your past mistakes
Rose -Attracts affection & friendship, love oil for women. Love, Strengthen Heart Chakra & Spirit

Rose Geranium – Protection, Removes sadness & fear

Rosemary – Protection, Love, Mental Powers, Passion, Purification Uplifting, Courage, Mental Stimulant, Strength

Rosewater -A holy water for bathing before ritual or the washing of hands before ritual


Rosewood -Attracts love, enhances sensuality, vitality, & steadfastness


Rue – Calms you down, Healing, Exorcism, Love, Dispels negativity, Purification

Saffron – Increases energy
Sandalwood –
Sage- Cleanses negativity, wear to help gain wisdom, Improves memory, Wisdom, Protection, Purification, Cleanses, Balances, Strengthens

Sandalwood -Associated with spiritual harmony, Aphrodisiac and promotes healing, Protection, Exorcism, Spirituality, Harmonizing, Heightens psychic abilities & spiritual levels, general all around protection oil

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