Enchanted Oracle

Messages from various Oracles

Jan 5 2014

Spirit Dancer

This is the card of self-expression through creativity.

If you are working on a creative project, Spirit Dancer is encouraging you to share this with others. This can be quite a scary thing to do…when you are working on something that is important to you and then you share it with others, you are really putting yourself on the line and letting them see your true self. There is always the fear that they won’t “get it” or worse still, that they will criticize or ridicule you. Spirit Dancer acknowledges these risks, but assures you that sharing your creativity now will be a good thing; if you reach out from this illusion of separateness, you are reaffirming your essential connections with other people and this is very important for clarifying your vision and releasing even more of the creative potential within you.

So, be brave, take a deep breath and let them see what you’re really about!

Dec 21-25 2013


Yule or Winter Solstice is celebrated on the darkest day of the year, but the focus is on life and light.  Traditionally, the Yule log was the center of the celebration, which would be brought inside and lighted with splinters saved from the previous year’s log and was burned for twelve hours for good luck.  I sat last night and wrote to our community. This is a time of hope, and light in the darkness.

As I listened to the music on our front page, If you believe there can be miracles…

This is a time to believe, hope. Darkness does not come to destroy our hope, but to teach us to look inside find our light within.

Light a white candle today and make your wish, in the spirit of Yule
Cernunnos- The Horned One

Calls us to take time for play, not to take yourself so seriously. Also  to embrace some masculine energy

Emerald Princess

You are beautiful, You are sacred

Allow your beauty to shine from with

Allow your attractiveness to come from within

Spirit of Yule

Celebrate life,love,those close to you. Yet forget not those  in need. Embrace all the season, its gifts,and its call to you

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